Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pyure O.E.O Organic Energy Shots

This is a first - a sweetener company coming out with their own line of energy shots.   Pyure are the ones behind the very marketable version of Stevia you find in grocery stores.  This line has a whole lot going for it - and as they are made by a company that is concentrated in both providing a yummy flavored product as well as concerned about health and nutrition. unfortunately, Pyure does not taste that great - like many stevia products it kinda misses the mark.  

Recently I have been eating at vegetarian/vegan restaurants, so I can understand the concessions made for health.   But, like substituting soy protein for cream and carob for milk chocolate, your taste buds know when they are being fooled.  This might be healthy and organic, but if you are wanting  something tasty to give you a serious boost of power, there are better choices out there if you can handle not going the super-healthy route.   If you need that buzz to come from all-natural sources, this is  as good as the other choices you can find at your Natural Foods Checkout counter.

When this came in the mail I did not know what to expect.  In this particularly large box was a whole lot of paper shreddings and a bunch of bubble wrap.  Buried in here were four lovingly bubble wrapped eery shots.   At first all this fragile wrapping did not make sense - just for energy shots, but after closer inspection I got it - these are glass bottles!  The last time I saw glass bottles used for energy shots was either Guayaki yerba mate shots or all those from Japan and Thailand.  I am not sure why they would go to all the care and expense of using glass bottles, but I liked the change.

Wrapped around the brown glass bottle was a decent wrap - and a nice metal lid with the printed best-by date.  The label looks pretty enough, and designed pretty well.  It is a nice organic-y design, using lots of greens and high quality prints to get a very high-class appeal.  This would definitely be at home in the cashier line at your local Whole Foods or Trader Joes.  They enhanced my opinion listing caffeine as well as other energy ingredients too.  While this is not a work of art, it does its job in a very nice and clear fashion. 

I like dried fruit.   I really do - there is nothing better on a day of hard hiking than diving into a big bag of bulk dried apricots and banana chips.  Still, the flavor or dried citrus, raisins and prunes use do not work in an energy shot.  I can taste the limes, or at least I can taste lime rind - it has a definite chalky residue along with the flavor of prunes.

What I don't understand is what makes energy shot companies decide that this is the best flavor for them to go to market with.   Did they already scorch their taste buds away on so many variations that they actually thought this tasted good?   Were the other versions of this so terrible that this was the best that they could do?  The thing is, I have had much better energy shots than this - even ones that are natural and use organic ingredients.  While this might be drinkable, it is certainly nothing you would enjoy drinking down.

I can understand the angle here - an all organic energy shot full of good for you stuff that will keep you moving.  Unfortunately, it just is not powerful enough to really make much or a difference.  In terms of energy there is 100mg of caffeine from organic guarana, green tea and yerba mate.  There is the host of vitamin Bs and hibiscus and blueberry extract to increase the antioxidant properties.   I like the mix, it just needs more of it to really help.  

I can say that the healthiness of this shot was lovely (yeah - healthiness is a perfectly cromulent word).  there is no calories in this, as they used stevia to sweeten things up.  There is all organic and natural products in here, so this really can be a good-for-you drink - it just needs to be more powerful.

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