Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quick Strike energy shot

There is only so much you can expect from a convenience store energy shot.  If you are lucky, it does the job of waking you up.  You get even luckier when you get something that tastes good too.  Every once in a while, you can even find one that looks great, tastes great and does the job - but that is a pretty rare thing.  Unfortunately, that does not happen with Murphy's store brand Quick Strike energy shots.  Like their energy drinks, the design is OK, if a little bland, the kick is OK, though not that strong, and the flavor is fine, as long as you enjoy concentrated grape Kool Aid.

This is about as standard as it gets - a 5 hour energy shaped bottle with a wrap.  It is an OK design, although it certainly does not blow me away.   This is the same as the Quick Strike cans, with a basic logo on a grey background.  There is a funny little purple lightning bolt there only they gave it a little tail, so it looks  little like a mountain when it is facing up.   From the side, the lightning bolt really does not make sense with that little tail on it.   I would not mind it that much if they just listed the caffeine, rather than hide the amount within their "energy blend".

Quick Strike energy shot isn't bad, and I have had hundreds worse.  Basically, it is the flavor of Grape Kool Aid - with a little hint of something more complex.  But yeah - mostly the flavor of articially flavored grape.  There was a little pomegranate flavor in here too, just enough to give it a little something special - not much, but a little.  I give it credit for not tasting bad, although it does not taste terribly good either. 

I took this on a day without my normal coffee jolt, in the hopes that it could keep me moving on my weekend of driving kids around and pulling errands.  While I would have loved a bigger burst of energy, it was not bad.   It took a good 20 minutes to kick in, which was a long time to wait for the energy.  I know that might have something to do with how fast my body metabolizes things, but I needed the burst to get me on the road and navigating the world of bickering siblings and my patience was thin.  When it did kick in, my guess is there was about 3 hours of happiness before I felt the pull for more caffeine.

Again there was no listing of caffeine, but my guess is there is 100-150mg of caffeine in here - about as much as a decent cup of coffee.  along with that, there is an undisclosed amount of Taurine and glucurolactone, malice acid and an amino acid blend.   The interesting ingredient in here is Cognizin, a brand name product that is supposed to help you with concentration.  As it is the last ingredient in the "Blend", it is probably wary little - and I did not feel any more focused, just a bit more caffeinated.   There is the usual overdose of vitamin Bs in here, as well as enough preservatives and fake sugars to keep make sure you don't   confuse this with something healthy.  I like the lack of calories, but I could have done without the extra potassium benzoate, sorbate and EDTA calcifying my body. 

If I were a regular next to Murphy's gas stations, I would go back to these if I were in a money pinch.  While they could have been much better, for a convenience store brand product they could have done a whole lot worse.

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