Thursday, January 24, 2013

Full Throttle Twisted energy drink

The one big secret to most energy drink is that deep down, we all know what they are.  That four dollar carbonated sports drink full with siberian ginseng and antioxidants is really soda pop.   While the cool can and cache of the brand and interesting ingredients might mask that, when you come down to it, the only reason this does not come in two liter bottles is because they know they can get a whole lot more money putting it into tiny 8 ounce cans instead.  I know some people might disagree with the caffeine content, but if they can sell half gallons of pre-made coffee and 44 ounce coffee thermoses, not having Big Gulps of energy drink available is all because of the cache.

This is why my heart leapt a little when I went into a local gas station and found Full Throttle Twisted as a fountain drink!   Now I could have all the joy of my energy drink, but in Big Ol' Jug size.  Not to mention, I could even get to drink it with ice and a straw - something you don't get when you drink cans all the time.

Other than the name on the fountain dispenser, I had no more knowledge of exactly what I was drinking.  It seemed like I was getting some higher-caffeinated drink, but had no way to tell if I just filled my 44 ounce jug with something that just had the Full Throttle logo but has a soda's amount of energy - or the real bona-fine full on Full Throttle Energy drink.  Also, with only having the word Twisted underneath, I had no idea what kind of flavor I was getting into as well

I know that when your drink is on the fountain gun there is a very limited amount of space, but listing the actual flavor or caffeine in it would have been nice.

So what kind of flavor is Twisted?  I did not know what to expect, as this flavor seems to be for fountain drinks only - they never have had a Twisted can before.  I like the original Full Throttle enough - although it is not like it really stands out from the crowd.  But seeing as the button was a purple color, my guess was that the drink had a little berry in it.  While this might have been sold better if it came out something other than energy-drink yellow that would have helped out, but really the look and smell did not give anything away.  

For that matter, the taste really did not give anything away either.  It was good - albeit very sweet.  I tasted a definite berry - but it was the fake berry of a lollipop, only mixed with the usual apple-bubblegum that you would expect from an energy drink.  It had a little something else in it though, something that made it pretty a little hard to pin down - like a bit of exotic-ness.  

Turns out it is supposed to be Guava Berry - which after drinking it seems to fit.  Still, for a drink that you want people coming back to, why not pick something really delicious that really sticks out from the pack.

The good news is this does have some good energy ingredients in it - and of course there is some not so good too.  This is made like your average soda pop, full of preservatives and additives and all that.  But it also has 47mg per  8 ounces, so it is a little less than half as strong as the canned variety.  That means that in your average 44 ounce jug, it has a grand total of 258mg of caffeine in it.  I liked the buzz I got from drinking it, but I am not sure of the work it took to get through that much liquid quickly. 

For a fountain drink it was exciting to find anything close to an energy drink in there.  Still, it is not quite an energy drink - actually about half as much as one.  But if it was a choice between this and any other soda I would probably reach for this one instead.

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