Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quick Strike Energy Drink

Sometimes I feel blessed by my kids - especially when they bring me home energy drinks!   You know ou have reached new lows of your addiction when your own children are scouring the aisles convenience stores to bring you back presents.   On a trip to BFE suburbia, my son calls me from a Murphys Gas station to ask me if I have ever heard of Quick Strike.  Seeing as Quick Strike energy drink is the private label of Murphys, and there is only one of those in all of Colorado, I jumped at the chance!  There are over a thousand Murpheys gas stations over the US, and so far I had not been able to come across one.  Of course I have reached a new low in my parenting, but it seems a small price to pay for my sweet sweet caffeine.

This brand was made for them by Cott, the ones behind many Value and private label drinks, like Red Rain, ThrowdownMad Croc, 7-11s old discontinued brand name drink, Inked and even partnered with New Age beverages to make the Xing tea line - including Xing energy tea.  So yeah, I am pretty familiar with their brand of drinks.  Unfortunately, the flavors have been really hit or miss - mostly ranging towards the miss.   Still, I appreciate that Murphys completely owns this even coming up with Energy Drink Hottie girls and cheesy Youtube videos for it and everything.

This is really not bad for a private label drink.  Cott usually does the packaging nicely, and this is a pretty cool design.  It looks like a superhero drink, wit very bold gothic designs of a city, and cool block lettering.  If Batman were to come out with his own drink, I would get these designers to do it.
Functionally, this drink is allright.

Although they do list the caffeine - for which I really appreciate - they do not double face the can, making it harder on their own stockers from facing the drinks correctly on the shelf. I would think they would know about stocking their product, since that is what their workers spend a great percentage of their time doing.  Still, score one for the can design team coming up with something original that would make me want to give it a try.

For all intents and purposes, Quick Strike tastes like cheap energy drink.  I do not think Cott can not come out with an original energy drink - I just dont think they want to.  Once they crafted their energy drink flavor back in the late 2000s, they really have not updated this flavor.  That would be find if it were tasty, but it really is not very good.

Quick Strike does not taste horrid, but there is just nothing special goin' on here  - nothing unique or original either.    If you are into the taste of cheap Red Bull clone and just ned your caffeine fix this will do the trick in a pinch, but it is nothing to go out of the way for.

My problem with this is that Quick Strike costs as much as - if not a little more than the Rockstars, Amps and Monsters on the shelf.  My son had to fork out $2.50 for this can - which is too much for a value drink.  I mean, people don't smoke Ligetts and Pyramids for the taste - they do it for the cheapo fix.  If you are going to spend 2.50 on a can of energy, you will go for the good stuff - not the store brand knock off.  This should be the inexpensive choice when you don't want to for over all that money for the good stuff.

This is a perfectly adequate drink that gives you exactly what you are expecting and nothing else.  You looking for a drink with a nominal energy boost akin to what you would find in a regular energy drink? Look no further!  This has all the taurine, caffeine, guarana and preservatives of every other bland energy drink on the market!

If I were to guess at what a standard generic energy drink would contain, it would have exactly what this one does. Loaded with artificial preservatives and food dyes?  Of course.  Inositol?  Check.  D-Glucurolactone?  Sure.  Taurine?  By the bucketload!  There is a slightly less than average 154mg of caffeine, but that is very close to exactly what you would find in all the generic energy drinks too.  I dont really mind this buzz, but it could be so much more.

The problem is that rather than go for something unique, Murphys decided that their product would be just another energy drink clone - just like a Red Bull or what have you, and charge full price.

Sorry, but this just can not compare to other Convenience store brand drinks either.  Talon did a Blood Punch that was killer and Diamond Shamrock did theirs in interesting flavors.  There is no reason for this to be up on the shelves competing with the Big Boys.  This should either have a lower price point, or give the consumer something more interesting to choose from.


  1. These sell 2 for 2.22 in Arkansas. I drink these or yikes! from EZ Mart. Both very cheap red bull knockoffsknockoffs

  2. Same here, in Lafayette, LA = 2 for $2.22. Cant beat it, especially if u wanna mix w Vodka or Jaeger, cant tell the diff between these and R*D B*LL.

  3. Same here in Mansfield, Ohio= 2 for 2.22. Tastes like the no carb Rockstar in the white can.

  4. There a dollar a peice in oklahoma

  5. Same here great price 2 for 2.50 16oz