Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rocket Fizz Rocket Fuel Energy Drink

I have a very hard time with going into the Rocket Fizz soda shop downtown.  The problem is that no matter how much I go into it with the idea of just grabbing a Chick-o-stick and a Root Beer, I end up with 30 dollars worth of retro colas, european candy bars and craft brewed ginger ales.

Rocket Fizz has their own line of sodas too, although more often then not they are bizarre flavored sodas that taste like corn or hot wings or peanut better and jelly.  While they do have a couple Rocket Fizz normal flavors, when you are surrounded by more interesting flavors and colors than a Jelly Belly gift bag, it is more tempting to grab a gingerbread flavor than a plain ol' root beer.

Surprisingly, there is only one caffeinated energy drink, and they do not list the caffeine content or much about it at all, except it comes in an electrifying blue color, tastes delicious and gives a short roller coaster of  ride of energy.

This is a pretty run of the mill package for Rocket Fizz, which is actually surprising, and disappointing too.  They are surrounded by bottled drinks - making their entire business from th packaging and selling of unique drinks.  They have a number of drink brands too - but their basic "Rocket Fizz" line looks very cutesy and childish.

On top of that, they do not list any information as to how much caffeine there is in here - something very important to energy drinkers.  You can easily tell that this was not a specific energy drink made by Rocket Fizz, as much as it is just another in a long line of flavors Rocket Fizz turns out.  For a company which whole business model is about bottled sodas, I really would expect better.

At least they did not go for the bland generic energy drink flavor, instead opting for something more original.  Rocket Fuel does taste good - like melted Skittles.  I like the basic wild berry flavor, and did not mind at all that it is not a natural flavor.  After all, this drink is a shocking windshield-wiper blue, something you just can not find in the natural world.

There is no trace of anything chemical in here - just yummy soda.  It is a very heavy mixture, mainly due to the high sugar content and light carbonation.  While it is pretty enjoyable, I don't know i it could possibly stand up to all the other delicious caffeinated choices the store has to offer.

There is a buzz to be found if you slam the 12 ounce bottle, but it is short sweet and a little painful.  While I have no idea how much caffeine there is in here (Rocket Fizz HQ never called back with the amount, and the local store had no clue),  there is a significant amount to leave me buzzing aroudn the office for a good two hours.  After that, there was the inevitable crash from all that heaviness, but I expected it and was ready with more caffeine to counteract.

Health-wise, you can forget about it.  Like all good candy-like sodas, this is all about the flavor.  There is 160 calories in a bottle of Rocket Fuel, along with preservatives and artificial colors.  There is a little vitamin C in here too, along with your daily Vitamin B12 and Niacin vitamins.  It certainly did not need any help from the removal of the other usual energy drink ingredients, like ginseng or taurine.  The sugar and caffeine was enough to definitely get my buzz going.

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