Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hype Organic Energy Drink

Although Hype energy drink has been around a very long time, I have always shied clear of it. I think it was the combination of the packaging and that you could only really find these on EBAY.  It just looked like another me-too drink that would probably taste like Red Bull, profit in MLM schemes and be generally not worth it.

I could not be more wrong.  Hype might have been some of those things in their eighteen year history, but it is certainly not any of those things now.  People can find these in stores as well - especially if they live in other parts of the world.  In the US, they are still small, but I can not see how something this fine has managed to stay under the radar for this long.  Hype sent me a sample pack and I am blown away by the art and attention on the packaging. While the flavor is a clone, the happy ingredients and gorgeous package design make Hype Organic decent energy drink offering.

The design on this can is far from boring - in fact it is one of the most visually striking cans I have seen.  It is really beautiful  -and works extremely well for a small 8 ounce can too.  They list all their ingredients, get across the organic direction they are going for, and even manage to double face the can and list caffeine as well.  While this is not a monumental breakthrough in package design, it is about as good as you can get for a standard small energy drink can.

This was the one area that I felt a bit let down.  It did taste good, but not much better than a Monster flavor or any other clone.  Mind you, this is still very good for a clone, but it has that same apple juice - bubblegum - citric acid flavor that is very standard fare for energy drinks.  However, there are some small nuances with make this work a little better in my mouth that a Red Bull.  Hype Organic has a bit more of an herbal flavor than other clones, although it is not bitter.  It is a little sour - giving it a mild bite, but not enough that it messes with your tongue.

While the buzz to be found in Hype Organic is about as standard as you can get, I really appreciate all the work that went into creating it with such unique and healthy ingredients.  Everything in here is all certified organic, with the caffeine coming from guarana and tea extracts.  There is quite a lot of Organic Aloe Vera juice  and other happy natural ingredients too, which make me feel better about drinking it - even if it does not help boost my energy levels.]

You can find out more about Hype energy drinks here

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