Friday, July 8, 2011

Stacker 2 Punding Punch Extreme Energy drink

Stacker2 is at is again, with more of their drinks lining the shelves at Big Lots. This seems apt, as the rest of their line can usually be found at dollar stores or other such venues.  The problem is, there is just not a whole lot to get excited by here.  While none of this Pounding Punch is exactly bad, it is really just not that good either.

Stacker 2 usually comes in bright yellow, and this drink is not exception.  They use a pink color to show this is a fruit punch (they use green for their citrus flavor) and have a very nice if not pedestrian design going on. They made liberal use of  Teen  Energy Slang, what with calling this flavor Pounding punch on their extreme drink.  At least they left the E on extreme - so it could have been worse.  Still everything is clear and nicely laid out.
What is not clear is the caffeine content, not listed anywhere on the can.  Neither is a list of energy ingredients - which they bury in unknown amounts in the ingredients list.  At least no one can fault them for not using their logo enough, blasting the full design 3 times around the slim 8 ounce can.

Big News, it tastes like artificial punch flavor - and a very strong one at that.  It does not taste bad, but it is verging on harsh and a little medicinal.  If has the flavor of Kool aid where you did not add enough water - and threw in a Multivitamin to dissolve in it.  The desire to mask some of the more unpalatable energy ingredients was pretty weak - and it seems like it was accomplished by adding copious amounts of High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Of course even without the caffeine listing, you still know just about what to expect out of this drink.  I had extra energy for around an hour, and not much more.  I did not really crash, but I don't think I got enough of a buzz for any real crash to occur.
Besides the undisclosed caffeine, there are also undisclosed amounts of taurine, inositol and glucurolactone, as well as a helping of B complex vitamins. Lots of preservatives and nothing natural in here  and there is quite a lot of sugars in here - around 27 grams, so the sugar content might help to boost you up for a little bit, while the  Pyridoxine HCL, potassium sorbate and Sodium Bensoate will make sure your body can stay mummified long after death.

I keep waiting for the Stacker line to impress me.  Unfortunately, this was not the drink to do it.

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