Friday, July 1, 2011

Blast Caffeine Powder.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a sample of a new Caffeine powered powder called Blast Caffeine. There is nothing else to the product - no preservatives, anti-caking compounds, sugars, water, herbs, chemicals or artificial anything, nor is it "stretched" by adding such things as baking powder. This is just a biggish container that contains ten whole grams of caffeine inside it. Ten grams is like 100 cups of coffee or aver 60 Monsters - Enough caffeine to be dangerous

It is hard to go wrong with  straight-on pharmaceutical grade caffeine. Strangely, this is not the first time I have gotten to try pure caffeine - as Bulk Nutrition sent me a brick of it some time ago too. In terms of the actual product - this is better than bulk - it is easier to handle, it fits in your pocket without people thinking you have a brick of something more illegal, there is less handling of the actual caffeine and it is an actual product, as opposed to an ingredient.

In terms of the usability of the product - I am not so sure. Blast Caffeine is water-extracted, made from Brazilian coffee beans processed in Europe. The quality of the caffeine is a little clumpy - and it does not seem to have the same soft and silky, almost corn starch, quality to it that the bulk caffeine did. However, I'm sure that has no bearing to how it tastes in your apple juice.

And how it tastes in your apple juice is nasty. Unlike other caffeine powders that come in small splenda-sized doses, these are not micro-encapsulated or has any masking flavors - this is just caffeine and tastes like it. Caffeine tastes bitter and harsh - a lot like baking powder. It would be hard to overdose on this - just because it tastes so icky.

This ick can be contained if you add it to the right stuff. Unlike 5150 Juice or Encaff, you have to be careful what you put this on. Foods that are not already a little bitter or taste strong are going to be overpowered by the caffeinated bitterness. Rather than apple juice, think cranberry. Don't go for a sprite, grab a Dr. Pepper. Rather than Bud Light, think IPA. Actually, do all those things all the time anyways - but especially if using blast caffeine.

The package it comes in is unexpected too - and I am not sure it works well for me. Mind you, it works a whole hell of a lot better than carrying around a milligram scale and a little spoon - like I had to do with the bulk stuff, but I like to know how much caffeine I am taking - without fear that I shook the container too hard and am going to be wired for the next 6 hours, or too lightly and will want a second dose.

The package itself was pretty cool. I liked the bright orange packaging - and was very eye catching. The design of everything, from th color tot eh typeface used was very clever, yet still easy to read. My only issue was the the actual functionality of the shaker head.

The container has a simple shaker head. When you shake some out - it is like shaking out any spice. The difference is that 100mg of caffeine is such a tiny pile, I don't know if I am getting a full dose. Also, when I did break out my milligram scale, I found the amount I was pouring out varied widely, from the light shake where it clumped in the opening and I only got 40mg to when I gave it a good tap and got out 130mg. I would love it if there was a more specific way to determine how much caffeine I am actually ingesting.

Please do remember, this is just caffeine - and a whole lot of it.  It is very possible to do stupid things with this and actually cause yourself permanent injury, and like, die and stuff.

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