Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Le Whif Breathable Coffee Inhaler

You can snort caffeine, lick caffeine, bathe with caffeine and even wear it as a patch on your skin.  Now, there is the easiest option for caffeine fans to get their fix - breathable caffeine.With new Le Whif canisters, you can just breathe in your coffee fix - just pop the tube, stick it between your mouth and inhale through your mouth. You will immediately feel as though you just downed a tasty cup of espresso and get the buzz that comes along with it - all without needing to take all that time to prepare and drink your favorite brew.

Le Whif comes in other non-caffeinated flavors too, like  plain chocolate, raspberry chocolate, mint chocolate, and mango chocolate. was kind enough to send some samples of all the flavors for me to try, although for all intents and purposes, I am just going to concentrate on the coffee version for the article (the mint chocolate tastes AMAZING though).

Le Whif cylinders are a little lipstick-sized tube, with a closeable lid on one end, and a small hole on the other end. In this ingenious design, all that is needed is to pop it open, and inhale through the tube. This tube is supposed to have around nine inhales in it.  These inhales suck the powder out of the tube and help them land all over your mouth.  It is like taking a huge swig of coffee and having the aroma fill your senses.  s like drinking a big swallow of coffee without needing to actually drink anything.  I got around 4-5 inhales out of the tube, instead of the nine, but I can suck a cherry through a swizzle stick, so I might have breathed too hard.

What's really important is the particle size. It needs to be small enough that it gets in the air when you breathe, but it has to be too big to go into your lungs. It's designed so that when you breathe it, it falls in your mouth and doesn't go in your lungs at all.

The tube, when closed, does not spill or drip bits of the precious powder out - and there is no mess from just dropping this into your pocket for later use.   You don't need to worry about the powder leaking or going bad before you want to use it.  This is a little pocket sized wonder - perfect for times when you really want that jolt of coffee but can't bring liquids with you.

I started off by smelling the actual container, thinking it would give off some hint as to what might be lurking inside.  I was a bit wary of sucking Le Whif's secret magic coffee dust down my throat and having to scrape coffee powder off my lungs.   There was no hint of what there was in store for me.

.  I popped the plastic tube open, held it to my lips, and sucked hard.  instantly, my mouth was filled with the lovely flavor of a rich creamy coffee, coating my tongue, cheeks and palate with this awesome and inviting flavor!  This tasted like I just sucked a delicious cup of coffee and it coated my mouth with it's coffee aroma.  I was surprised none of it landed in my lungs, even though I was sucking pretty hard.  With Le Whif I was able to really feel like I had a big coffee, without worrying I was going to stain my shirt.

I have read conflicting reports about how much caffeine there is in each little puff.  While the packaging or the website does not provide more information, many websites say this has 100 milligrams of caffeine in it, which is about equal to a normal size cup of coffee.  Other reports have this much lower, at around 18mg caffeine - which sounds a bit more in line with how I was feeling.  I used the tube up in one day, which if this really had 100 mg per hit, I would have breathed in over 900mg of caffeine - about double what I have ever had in one day ever - and certainly enough for me to feel most major intense effects.  
That is not to say I did not feel caffeinated.  I definitely felt a light rush after sucking the tube down to it's last puff.  But I did not feel overly buzzy.

I was surprised not to find a whole lot of bizarre ingredients in this, as you would expect this to be filled with  scientific chemicals and ingredients as unique as the product itself.  This turns out not to be the case.  It is not the ingredients themselves which are unique, but the preparation and delivery mechanism of those items. While it seems like there is coffee soaking your mouth on a molecular level,  Le Whif keeps from entering in your lungs and rests on your tongue and palate by using larger particles that fall fast on your tongue.  The coffee flavor comes from natural and artifical flavors, but the caffeine comes from an added boost of pure caffeine as well.

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