Thursday, May 5, 2011

iShot Skinny Energy Shot

iShot energy shots are full of appeal. They have an energy shot for everyone, from your tired preteens (a decaf blend) all the way to the limp geriatrics (they make a Love Potion too). They have them in regular flavors and in this case, fatso flavors too. This particular blend, iShot Skinny, is full of appetite suppressors and metabolism boosters to help you lose weight while giving you energy.

As energy shots packages go, this is about as decent as it gets.  I am not really excited by their logo here, and I think the motif they were going for ( they usually use a big circle in their logo - but this one is being squished by the tape measure) looks cartoony and also will confuse people.  But it is allright if I don't particularly find the design appealing - as long as it is not offensive and does all the things it should do.

And it does do that well.  It lists the caffeine content as well as the full nutritional data.  It has a wide mouth to make it easier to shoot this bugger down your gullet.  There is a strong safety seal, is very easy to read, and lists a place to go for more information.

While this won't win any innovation awards, it does what it needs to do.

I wonder if it tastes this bad on purpose.  As a product to get you skinny, they sure achieved that with this flavor.  It completely kills your palate - with enough bitter harshness to kill your tongue.  This is probably meant to taste like citrus, but instead it tastes like Pine-Sol flavored Fresca without enough sweetener.  What sweetener they do add gives off a medicinal flavor which manages to skewer any taste buds you have left.  I guarantee you won't be thinking of putting any delicious morsels of food in your mouth after downing iShot Skinny.    
Just to be sure it was not just me, I gave my other two samples to friends for their reaction.  One spit it right out - and could not even manage to swallow.  The other one kept waving her hand in front of her face, like she took a bite of Jalapeno peppers. 

Besides making sure you don't wanna use your mouth for anything for a while after drinking the shot - it does not sit well on an empty stomach.  Bonus!!  The slight nausea we both felt would certainly turn your appetite sour.  It was not Vomit causing, but I think the bitterness and the harshness of the chemicals do not sit well in the digestive tract if you haven't eaten all day.  I have a pretty strong stomach, and even I felt a little off for about 15-20 minutes after digesting.

Buzz: 8
Most likely, it was the bitter orange extract in here that made it taste this bitter.  Bitter orange extract is used in a whole lot of slimming products - although not all of them taste this bad. 

Cool thing is, it really does work on curbing your appetite.  The orange extract and chromium might make some people hot ( like getting very warm inside) and get your metabolism boosted.   I really did not have this happen to me - but I did go from VERY hungry at around 11:30 to being not at all hungry for about an hour and a half - where I thought I might eat the handles off the fridge if I could not get the door open fast enough.

The other question in here was if it gave any energy - which it did decently.  I am not sure if I would drink this for the energy alone, but it did give a nice little lift that lasted much longer than the quieting of my lunch hunger pangs.  I wold say I got a good 2-1/2 hour lift from this - which is not bad for a shot with just 78mg of caffeine and no sugar.

All in all, this in not my favorite of the iShot line I have had.  While I like the boost OK, the flavor is too bad to get past.

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