Friday, December 17, 2010

Bios Life Matcha Red Energy drink mix

This is the second sample I got from a fantastic writer at, a wonderful person who sells these mixes from Bios Life through a MLM business (you can follow this link to get to her website).  That means that these drinks can be purchased through her, but chances are, you wont be finding this in your local snack shop.  If you do feel like trying this mix out - and I really do like it - you can find out how by heading off to her website.
Like the Bios Life Smart Energy drink, this one poured out a nice thick green color. I was a little surprised, as I expected the color to match the packaging, and for this to come out a dark reddish hue.  Instead, a similar green powder poofed into the bottom of my cold bottle.  The drink mix had slight clumps - just like matcha tea powder does. It even smelled like real tea! I know they put other stuff in here, like pomegranates and sweeteners and such, but I did not know any better, the look and smell was that of just great matcha green tea.

This is really what matcha tastes like, albeit a little too chemically sweet. Gone is the lemony flavor of the green Smart Energy blend. This just tasted like sweet real matcha green tea! It tasted so good, I actually poured the cold bottled drink into a coffee cup and zapped it in the microwave for a minute. The Bios Life energy drink got EVEN BETTER. If you have been a tea drinker and are looking for a quicker way to get your fix, I would definitely turn to these little packages.

I was told this only has about 60-80mg of caffeine in each little pouch from their manufacturer, Unicity. I did not think of this as a whole lot, and can usually take one of these in the evening and still sleep OK. It is still OK that they don't have an exact caffeine count, seeing as Matcha tea caffeine content can vary like coffee - and a drink might have more or less caffeine in it. Of course, this one also has guarana in it, just to give it that extra little happy boost of energy. It also has a bit of sugar, potassium, B12, magnesium and calcium too. It is supposedly loaded with antioxidants, but we all know by now that you Cant Ingest Antioxidants. Well, you can, they just don't do anything beneficial.

I still got a GREAT boost from this - even though it was pretty short. I was lifted up and then gently brought back down in about an hour and a half, but it was a very nice sharp uber alert hour and a half. I enjoyed it enough that I could see why someone would order these by the case!

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