Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pit Bull Energy Bar

I have tried Pit bull bars a couple of years ago, and found them to be a lovely buzz, but really needing some help in the packaging and taste departments.  Since that time, they have completely revamped their line, and re-created their energy bars.  This new incarnation is completely different, and quite wonderful.  Even if you would not normally grab such a thing - seeing as it looks leftover from the 70's, it is still definitely worth a shot.  The buzz and nutrition, plus the fantastic taste make this one of the better workut snacks I have eaten in a very very long time.
Energy bars usually taste like tree bark. You know it is supposedly healthy and full of things you are told your body craves, like hydrolyzed collagen, but this usually means you are eating something swept up from the floors of the bulk aisle of the natural foods store and stuck together with dried up grape juice.

Not even the case with The Cran-orange Pit Bull Bar. The flavor of this thing should make the Powerbar folks hang their heads low in shame. Soft on the outside, yet still enough yummy crunchy pieces inside to give a nice texture. You would not immediately think that an orange flavored energy bar would be very tasty, but you would also be completely wrong. This bar tastes a whole lot of orange and a whole lot of cranberry, with enough actual fruity bits to make for a very satisfying snack. Event he yogurt, which is usually the worst part of these energy bars, is quite good. There is no medicinal aftertaste or tree bark-ness at all.

I really like that this actually contains fruits and ingredients I can identify with. The last time I had energy bars (I used to be a regular consumer of the EAS line of bars for after workouts) I could not comprehend 90% of what I was eating. While I knew I was getting protein, I could also have been eating the contents of a meth lab without knowing it.

Except for a few odd things in here (do I really want to be eating Fructo Oligo saccharides??) I know most of what I am eating; raising, orangey bits, soy crisps and dried cranberry. the 200 calories in the bar is not much for this type of thing, especially when it also has lots of dietary fiber and your full RDA of Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C.

I also love the protein blend. The 15 grams in here means I can have some pre workout, and save half for a mid morning treat (your body cant really process more than 7-8- grams at a time, so if you have a snack with lots, it is good to split it up into smaller snacks). There also was enough caffeine to help supplement and recover from a workout without getting that insane body builder rush and crash many gym products have.

In terms of energy, they pack in a very decent 164mg of caffeine, plus an added boost from guarana. There is also ginseng, taurine and inositol to help get your mojo working - which it did for me, on a moderate scale. I did not crash after an intense workout, but I did not feel jacked up either. The caffeine hit me in a unique way, working slowly to keep me alert, rather than a short boost that fades soon after.

Packaging: 6
For being such a good bar, I was hoping their packaging would stand out a bit more and scream what it was.  This coloring and overall theme make this look more dated than it should.  I know the flavor is orange and cranberries, but dark burnt orange and brown does not a cool package make.  They have the right ingredients and the right verbiage - they even list their caffeine amount - but the color for this one is just bad enough to probably stop most people from buying this over one of the cooler shinier more impressive looking energy bars out there.  I mean, even the nasty Powerbar comes in a shiny gold package.

If they could just develop a better color scheme, this would be a huge winner.

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