Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bazi Energy Shots

Read my latest update to Bazi energy shots here:

I love Denver. We might have a downtown that closes its doors at 10 and act like a country farmer taking Airs, but this is the mecca of caffeinated companies.  I can think of at least a dozen companies making their living from energy products.  The latest Denver entry is BAZI, a fantastic energy shot/ drinkable multivitamin with a LODO address.  Everything about BAZI looked interesting, from their packaging to their claims - something different than the hundreds of 5-hour imitators out there.

You can tell from the first package that this is going to be something different - something original.  The tube of BAZI  looks like none other, and really does great standing out from my collection of other energy shots.  I really enjoy the shape of these - they are like mini energy drinks.  They are packaged so safe that a tamperer could not get in here without a blowtorch. There is a safety seal, then there is a foil cap on the inside.  I particularly like the safety - it makes the shot inside seem even more potent.  There is a listing of caffeine and can even be recycled!  Without novelty, this is really a fantastic package.

The drink inside is a strong orange - like a crushed iron vitamin, only more juicy.  I thought it was telling when the foil top was stained orange from the potent drink inside.  It is like taking one of those hispanic fruit nectar mixed with a Flintstones vitamin My wife thought it tasted heavily of an an iron supplement, although she found it not bad (which, for her, is saying something). It is thick and concentrated, and tastes like this means serious business. I like that it is a little harsh - seeing as this is not something ordinary, like Monster shots or 5 hour knockoffs.  The tartness is a little surprising, and I am not sure I would drink this for giggles.  However, it is good enough to have gone through my 6 pack in about 2 days. Bazi looks and tastes different and unique, something I could easily get used to having on a daily basis

The ingredients list is very unique too..  You can't help but be impressed with the list of ingredients in here.  There are eight different superfruits, twelve vitamins, their “Bazi trace mineral blend,” and then all the energy stuff.  If you forgot to take your multivitamin, Bazi has you covered.  They give over 100% RDA of all vitamins A through E, Biotin, and an insane antioxidant superfruit blend. 

I found the energy blend in here a little weak -and the buzz is not terribly powerful.  There is 80mg of caffeine in here, along with a little inositol.  While 80mg is standard for an energy drink, I have seen shots with a whole lot more firepower in them.  I did get a nice little lift for a couple hours, but was back at the coffee machine again before noon. While the nutrition is WAY above par, I would love a bit more energy in my energy.shots

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