Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blutonium Cran 175

It took Jim Folsom 17 tries to perfect Cran-175, the latest Blutonium energy drink to be pulled out of Bertha, my energy drink fridge. It took him about a year of flavor research with International Foods and Dairy Houses to finally come out with a drink that he wanted - and you can definitely tell all that research was well worth it.

This is not your normal energy drink - especially this flavor. While the others have been good and sweet, Cran-175 has a whole hell of a lot of cranberry taste and flavor, including the sharp berry tartness and you would expect from a Cran drink. The lack of carbonation might throw you - but after thei second sip - you are guaranteed to be hooked.

Like the other Blutonium flavors, this one seemed to get better the colder is was. After an initial drink ( which was surprisingly good) the rest went into the Slurpee maker. It only got better. I let my 10 year old son have a taste, and he melted into heaven, then cursed himself silently for being too young for energy drinks ( I know - I am such a cruel father...).

This tasted like there was real cranberry juice in here. Unlike some of the Blutonium flavors which seem a bit like strongly flavored Kool Aid, this stuff tasted natural and refreshing - almost like there was real cranberry juice inside. If I were to ever start a energy snow cone business, this would be the stuff I would pour on top.

I got about 3 1/2 hours of energy out of this bottle - and it especially perked me up on a warm day. This is not an intense rush or anything, but a nice light refreshing lift. Unlike the lemonade, this one did not have a speck of cranberry anywhere on the ingredients list. As a matter of fact, there was little of anything natural in this one at all. Besides the water and cane sugar, there is nothing in here that you could find in your local grocery store. While this is flavored naturally and artificially, the taste seemed way too good for not actually containing cranberry.

In terms of caffeine, this drink has around 150mg, a tad more than you would find in other standard energy drinks (150 in a 12 ounce drink is comparable to a double shot of Starbucks Espresso). There is some B Vitamin Complex in here, glucurolactone and phenylalanine. The thing that surprised me is also finding the enzyme blend - the stuff you find in some energy shots like 5 Hour in here too. If only there was real cranberry in here too, so the drink would have that added antioxidant andhealing properties of cranberries as well.

The bright red of this drink is given the chance to really stand out - as the glass bottle has a number of places where it shines from the full plastic wrapped bottle. Using glass is especially cool because it is reusable, recyclable and even resealable. While it might cost more for this drink to be produced in glass - it definitely stands out from the crowd. If only the caffeine were clearly labeled, this would be a perfect score.

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