Thursday, June 24, 2010

Warp green tea energy mints

I like Warp Green Tea Energy Mints, but I am not sure how much I like them. I mean, mints are supposed to follow a pattern - in which they differentiate themselves from candies by the freshening of your breath - making things "minty". On that end, Warp Green tea mints fail. But on the other hand, mints are supposed to cleanse your palate, in which case these little dudes do a great job. On the one hand, I enjoy the fact that they are different than anything else I have tried. Their uniqueness makes them special. Just don't go into these thinking they are going to make your mouth clean and fresh. Instead, it makes them clean and lemon-limey.

If these are not carried by your local candy store ( I have only seen them twice in real life before, both in specialty candy shops) you can buy them online from the most awesome

Think of this like lemon-lime -green-tea sherbert. It is good - in fact really good...most of the time. Unlike a traditional minty mint that can be had at any time, these work well sometimes, and don't work at all in others. Don't get me wrong - these are not harsh or bitter - in fact the opposite - but they are not sweet little candies either. Tangy Tea Lemon Lime is just not a flavor you want rolling around in your mouth all the time.

The aftertaste is strong too. Not bad, but definitely there. What there is none of is any medicinal flavors or harshness. If you just took some without reading the package, you never would think that there were any energy ingredients in here at all. Te flavor would drfinitely give pause, but tasting different is not the same as tasting bad.

The energy in this mint comes from green tea extract, ginseng, and guarana.There is 10mg of caffeine in every little mint, making it eas to pop these in your mouth 3 at a time. There is about 50mg of caqffeine in a cup of green tea, so 5 mints = 1 cup, or 10 mints to equal a cup of coffee. I like that you can judge the buzz you want yourself in 10mg increments. IF you want a super buzz, you could always eat up the pack af 50 mints for an extreme jolt - which is surprisingly an easy task to do.

While I have had mints that are stronger, faster and more extreme, I really enjoyed having these around. They are perfect for a light evening jolt, or a strong morning bus ride.

They changed things up for this can when compared to their other mints. They followed the basic layout and fonts, only this time the "warp" has been replaced with "Green" and a large white T - hopefully to get across to whomever buys this that it is much more than an energy mint. There is also a sprinkling of asian text on here - although I don't know the language or what it means.

So I wonder if it is possible to refill my big red boots shoe polish into one of these tins instead...

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