Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lighter Spider Energy

Spider Energy was one of the best energy drinks to have been unleashed in 2009. With all the functional waters, relaxation drinks and liquids loaded with tea based antioxidant rich dentist certified Woo Science ingredients to make you bleed less, stop aging and gain superhuman invulnerability, it is nice to find a drink that is all an energy drink is supposed to be. A kick ass caffeinated ride in a cool can.

The Masters of Beverages (yes, that is really the company's name) is still sticking to a nice simple formula, pitting their awesomeness against all the big boys of extreme energy drink-ness. Fortunately for them, Lighter Spider, like the original Spider Energy is a truly rockin' drink! They did about everything right with this gem, and seem to know what they are doing to get it popular. I just hope it is enough to get a toe hold and stick around.

When I first took a drink of lighter spider, I was a little disappointed. I was hoping for a direct port of their original flavor, a delicious orange taste. It has been replaced by a new flavor, which is really just as good, just not what I was expecting. Once I came to grips that the old orange flavor was gone, I began to enjoy the new Citrus flavor.
This is not just a particular citrus flavor, like a lemon-lime or grapefruit drink, but a much more complex general citrus taste. While it would be easy to ascribe this to the citric acid, there is so much more flavor. It tasted very unique and delicious, a refreshing mix of the lemon bite and a touch of tangerine juiciness. There was no bitterness or harshness, and was incredibly easy to chug - even warm. The flavor works incredibly well when you are hot or fatigued - perking up your taste buds before the caffeine has any time to do it's job. I think it tastes most like a citrus Sweet Tart candy - sour and sweet and yummy tot he very end. The lightness of the sugar free variety and the high carbonation keep this drink very light and airy.

Buzz: 10
And what a caffeinated rush too! Expect hours and hours of joy out of this one. This is guaranteed to give you the energy you are looking for. There is a very serious 240mg of caffeine in the sixteen ounce can, one and a half times the amount found in the usual Red Bull/Monster drinks out there. When you add in the carnitine, glutamine, Taurine, ginseng and B vitamins, not to mention the 200mg of guarana, the caffeine content goes even higher and the buzz is even more impressive. This time out there is no sugar to bite you in the ass and give you a crash, but do expect some jitters if you knock this can back quickly.This is sweetened with a sucralose/Ace-K mix that works perfectly with the flavor to provide ample sweetness. Fortunately, this is even all listed on the can, so it is easy to see how much of what ingredients you are ingesting.

And that is not the only thing they got right with the packaging, as everything else is spot on the nose. Like this drink's older fatter brother, I would definitely feel comfortable drinking this at a metal concert or hanging out with the goth kids. There is enough grunginess to make it acceptable at the local skate park, as well as most other teen alterna-hangouts. The slogan change (from "get bit, stay lit" to "get bit, stay fit") works well,as well as their marketing slogan and general Xtreme coolness.

The lid on all 3 cans I was sent were facing the correct direction, which is a change from last go around. The design is still top notch and the printing job is just beautiful. The only small caveat is there is no double facing on the can, so stockers spend less time facing the drinks in the cooler.

Overall, the worst thing about the drink is that I can't find this near me yet. Once they infect everywhere, the big boys might have some worries. Until then, I am hanging on to these few treasures I have left!


  1. Thanks for the shout out. This is a great sugar free energy drink, I was very impressed.

  2. Right on all accounts, Big Red Boots. Cheers!