Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vuka Think Energy

Around 2pm, I need to take a breather. Whether it is just going outside for some air, or finding a caffeinated treat to help get me back on track, I really do feel that slump. Today, that slump fighter is Vuka's Renew, an absolutely stunning energy drink in the most classic sense. Regardless of how it looks outside, this drink is pure delicious energy drink inside, with all the usual things you would expect to see. It did it's job of perking me up and getting me breathing again, even if it was not quite like the "second wind to help you get back on track. " It was more like the light perk I needed to make it another four hours until I could make it home.

I really enjoy these cans - and this one is close to perfection. THe cool green bottle is such a great shade, and the printing is superlative. The way the light shimmers off the brushed, polished metal - and the perfect color choices. The only thing that is a little funky is the white "renew" is hard to make out on the light green. Still, this design is a masterwork, and deserves some real attention.

This is also my favorite flavor of Vuka - taksting like real Mangos and Peaches. After swilling coffee and staring at my computer screen for hours, opening the cap and smelling the deliciousness inside really did a whole lot to renew my spirits. I pured it in a class, and added some ice, just to make it as happy as possible. The drink was lightly carbonated, so it did not fizz everywhere and tasted light and just plain yummy. The Mango and Peach are a great combo of flavors, and tastes very juicy and refreshing after a hard day coding. No Aftertaste or medicinal twinges after either, just a great drink all the way through

Buzz: 8
Like the other Vukas, this one has 160mg of caffeine, Lots of B vitamins, D-Ribose, taurine, and ginseng. THis is definitly the most standard of all their drinks, about as close to vuka gets for an Energy Drink. Not that this is bad - and in fact is pretty good. This one does not have any of the other functions like the Awaken or Think - this one is just trying to pep you up like a Red Bull or Monster. And on that front, I does pretty well. It is not a shocking drink, and won't blow you away, but the dose of energy ingredients is enough for a nice boost., without being over the top.

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