Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bomba Berry Energy

Thank the viewer who got me into Big Lots. I used to see Bomba everywhere- but since starting this blog my precious Bomba grenades all but disappeared. But at Big Lots, among the Baby Bottle Bop sports drinks and old boxes of Grandpas Root Beer was cases of flavors of my old favorite - which I could find again and drink with glee. Bomba berry is such a fantastic find if you can come across it. The little 8 ounce drink is about the easiest energy drink to gulp down, tasting crisp and delicious while looking about as awesome as an energy drink possibly could look. Too bad there is barely any rush in here - but the flavor and the pineapple deathbomb shape make this a must get for any energy drink collector. But collect fast - as these things are disappearing fast.

Packaging: 10
This has got to be one of the best packages ever made. They really went the extra mile for this drink, coming up with not only a new can, but a whole new lid for it as well. The drink comes in a glass grenade , complete with pineapple ridges and fits very neatly into your hand. The label is very easy to read - using great fonts and colors in a minimal way. Rather than use a traditional bottle top, they created this awesome pull ring that goes with the grenade theme. You grab the ring and pull, and the lid pops off the bottle! Someone should have won an award for this package, as it is definitely one of the most unique drinks you could get your hands on. They even print the caffeine content on the can as well as all their website and nutritional data on the thin printed strip. I only wish it was a bigger bottle so it could hold a decent amount of liquid.

Nutrition: 5
Bomba has 63mg of caffeine in the small 8 ounce bottle not really enough to do any good. I guess the trick is to grab 2 of these - as they are certainly easy enough to drink down.They make a point of listing carbonated spring water, rather than plain carbonated water. At first, I thought it was just a silly marketing gimmick, but it turns out to make a HUGE difference. The trace minerals found in spring water help totally boost this thing's flavor profile. There are a couple other things in here to keep it at least in the realm of energy drink, with 75 mg of taurine, Vitamin E and Niacin. While I love the drink's look and flavor,m they really need to dump a buttload of caffeine in here. I am drinking a grenade - I expect to suffer after drinking this. Give me 500mg of caffeine and enough scary stuff to have me think twice... I feel let down when I am on my next caffeine jolt a mere hour after downing this one.

This drink tastes seriously delicious. It is lightly carbonated, the right amount of sweet, and has the overall taste of real berries. Well, maybe not real, but really good fake berry flavor - like the kind you can find in Otter pops or Kool Aid if you made it with Perrier. The taste makes me wish this was much much bigger. OK, carrying a gallon of this in the huge grenade would look a little silly - but atg least it would last longer than the 10 or so seconds it took to drink this. if you find this around - grab it before you even think about drinking any sodas. This easily beats most any pop with such deep complex flavors.

Website: www.drinkbomba.com 0
oh no - poor Bomba. Now your website is suspended, on top of finding your drink at a major wharehouser.Things do not bode well. And as for your international site? well, that has not been touched in 3 years. Even though you look dangerous, I am afraid you were too much of a dud.

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  1. man i have been collecting energy drinks for over two years now but Bomba has been the one drink i cannot seem to find, any tips?