Monday, May 12, 2008

Whole Foods Nutrient Enhanced Water

Whole foods has an answer to the popularity of Vitamin Water. Unfortunately, the answer was copied poorly from the guy with the lowest grade in class. Without the cool packaging, no marketing to speak of and only a mediocre flavor, 365 everyday Enhanced Water barely even registers enough to be reviewed by this site. Without any real caffeine content, this drink was probably a half thought company decision and rushed through their private brand manufacturer. Overall, even if this is on sale, I would pass this drink up, opting for the water fountain over wasting money on this.

It’s ugly. Really really ugly. Everything you would want in a refreshing enhanced water could not be found, except for maybe the PETA plastic containers. The design is lame, as well as the color choices. It looks like the concept for these drinks was to not spend over 10 minutes working on it, knowing it was going to be for a throwaway product. Although there was a listing of caffeine content, a little more product info, website, or any conceptual info would have been nice. IT might also have been nice if the designers took a class in color theory and basic design and layout too.
Unlike vitamin water, the flavors include real juice, which is definitely a plus. The energy drink variety tasted a little better than watered down kool-aid, but not by a whole lot. It seems like they took a juice they were already making and just watered it down. Again, my problem with this is the semblance of forethought put into the drink. It seemed like it was a leftover more than an actual well thought out product.

140-160 calories per bottle?? Surprising. It has the kitchen sink when it comes to vitamins, but aside from 200% RDA of Vitamin C, there’s nothing really of note. In terms of caffeine content, there is far less than what you can find in vitamin energy, and much much less than you could find in most energy drinks.


  1. This 365 water is the most delishious flavored water I have ever tasted and heck with those who dislike the label. I hate plain water but I love this one. The best!

  2. I totally agree! I do cannot stand plain water but I had this today for the first time and fell in love...The Pink Lemonade flavor is delicious = )