Saturday, May 10, 2008

Full Throttle Frozen Blast Slurpee

It is absolutely impossible to feel sad and have a slurpee. I have encountered it many times, with many slurpers and is the one sure fire way to feel better on a hot day. It does not matter the flavor, the slurpee is the one thing which can always produce childlike glee. Not Icee - the distant cousin that should, but is not even close, to the frozen 711 treat found across the nation. It needs to be the real thing - a big frozen carbonated slurpee with the goofy bubble top. And there could be no better marriage at the 7-11 than an flavorful blue energy Slurpee.

At convenience stores, they sell for four times more per ounce than soft drinks, says John Sicher, publisher of Beverage Digest. There's big gooey piels of money to be made in energy drinks because they sell at such a high premium, so it would make complete sense to marry a well known brand with flat sales, like Slurpees, with extra caffeinated drinks. Too bad it is Full Throttle, and not a better or tastier brand, but Ill take what I can get. “Energy drinks are big business at 7-Eleven, and Slurpee drinkers have been requesting an energy version for awhile,” said Jay Wilkins, 7-Eleven category manager for Slurpee and fountain drinks. “The demographics for both Slurpee and energy drinks are so closely aligned that we jumped at the chance to develop a Slurpee energy product.”

There is something so comfort-food about Slurpee. Maybe because I grew up in suburbia and downtown Metropolis. To me, summers always meant scorching days in blazing heat and cooling off under the shade of the skyscrapers with a freezing Slurpee giving me the chills. When I moved to small towns for a couple decades, I kept looking at 7-11s as the Cornerstone of Civilization. If there is a 7-11 near me, that means traffic jams, smog all the warm feelings I get surrounded by a million busy people. The addition of my favorite hobby to the coziest cool drinks around make for a fantastic combination - oh yeah - and I guess the taste is pretty decent too. Even if this actually tasted like cockroach feces, I probably would still be biased favorably to it - so don't look to me for an objective point of view on this one.

Although it is listed as being higher in some sites, both 7-11 and Coca Cola state that the Frozen Fury averages about 2.5 milligrams per ounce. Full Throttle Frozen Fury’s ingredients also include guarana extract, ginseng extract and taurine. In an 8oz size the site lists a serving, this works out to 27mg of caffeine and 62 calories per 8oz cup. of course, you CAN NOT find a Slurpee cup in this size - the smallest is a 12oz, but the normal cup for Slurpees stats at 22oz and goes up from there. That means that according to the official site, they actually start off at about 74mg for the 22oz, up to 148.5mg in the 44oz. In terms of a Slurpee - this is great, but not so amazing for an energy drink.

the website is silly, and still very informative. The design is pretty fantastic - and clever too. much props to the designers of the site incorporating a famous brand while still being very Slurpee about it. Only problem is it is very processor intensive and can experience playback problems on Firefox.

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