Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dickens Energy Cider

Without any doubt, the very best thing about this drink is the packaging and name, which makes me so filled with adolescent silliness! Sure, the drink is a pumped up soda, sure, they did not fill it full of healthy and fortifying stuff, but truly I don't care. The fact that is is a publicly traded company, as well as being made here is Colorado is enough to make me push this to top of it's class in packaging.
What makes this one so special, better than the other sex fueled brands out there? ( wired XXX, Pimp Juice, etc...) I found this one has taste beyond many of the others. Taste enough that I can keep the can around me all day, just so when people ask what today's drink is, I can have a little adolescent fun.

An old relief of Adam and Eve in the background, a pretty woman in red with a pitchfork, and a lovely set of typography make this an absolutely outstanding can. This just goes to show the creativity and ingenuity which you can get by a simple design on a 16 oz. can. They label all the ingredients clearly, so I don't have to hunt around for taurine and caffeine content. Even going so far as to list the Energy Drink Mix usual ingredients so if I am a novice to taurine I can pretend I know what I am talking about. They manage to fit lots of useful information (their stock symbol, the parent company, the website, etc) in a way that does not compromise the overall can design. Impossible to improve on this one - great to have this can on display.

Buzz/Nutrition: 6
The caffeine content is pretty low for an energy drink, only 150 for the 16oz. can. I can see they are going after the other similarly caffeinated drinks like monster or Rockstar with the amount,keeping it very safe and within normal limits. They also kept the recipe, while tasty, pretty unhealthy. Sure, they pack in horny goat weed because it has the name Horny in it. They use the usual blend of taurine, B, and niacin. They also added a detox ingredient, as well as calcium which is not usual. Unfortunately, it is sweetened with corn syrup, which I am not sure was strictly necessary. Of course, for their chosen market, I doubt most people would care at all. They do list a sugar free variety on their website which I am certainly going to keep my eyes out

I found this to be a tasty drink to suck on for a while - no need to rush this one down. Like a soda, this drink is pretty fizzy and flavorful, giving iff an apple-cinnamon flavor that leaves your mouth pretty quickly. Even without the cool can, this drink would taste great - only enhanced by the can you drink it out of.

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